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The Pattern Bar

Midnight Blue

It’s like the night sky and your 90’s bandana got together and had a baby, and it’s WONDERFUL.


You know those people who wear white without spilling on themselves? This is them, as a speaker.

Jack Plaid

Made for the great outdoors it’s the perfect camping, cottage, or canoeing buddy.

BONUS: it isn’t afraid of bears.

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Earl Grey

If you’re thinking long term about what your speaker is going to match with, this one’s for you!


A total free spirit, don’t blame us if you find yourself picking flowers and eating all the granola.


Let loose and embrace my tropical vibes, dude. Got any tiny umbrellas lying around?

Blue Steel

Is it gradient OR great-ient. We’re gonna go with the second one.


This one’s not afraid to express itself, and we have a feeling you aren’t either. Bold loves bold.


Sweeter than a sprinkle donut, without the guilt or calories!


Buzzing with a rainbow of colour, it’s the life of any, and all, the parties.

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