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Toll free: 1.844.9.FABRIQ or 1.844.932.2747

I’m Having Trouble Connecting My FABRIQ Speaker via Wi-Fi

Please make sure you are using a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network instead of a 5.0 GHz one. Note that you may have to check that the 2.4GHz capability is enabled on your router. If the problem persists, ensure that your router’s UPnP has been enabled - every router is different when it comes to this. Refer to your router’s guide for instructions and further information on this.

Watch our how-to video on connecting via Wi-Fi and/or reach out to our helpful Customer Service representatives so we can help sort out these issues.

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Why isn’t Alexa responding to me?

Note that only one speaker in a group will be Alexa-enabled. This is the speaker you used to set up the group. This speaker was selected upon forming the group. We are currently working on making this


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