How do you reset your Fabriq speaker?

To reset & clear all previous WiFi settings and data press and hold the Alexa Mic button for approximately 15 seconds until you hear the audio prompt stating that all data has been reset.

In the rare case that your FABRIQ RIFF is frozen and no buttons are functional please use this pin to restart the speaker. By inserting into the hole above the Pair Button.


What is the battery life of Fabriq?

The FABRIQ battery last up to 5 hours. Battery life is dependent on volume, connection settings, and lightshow mode.


Does it use voice activation or use tap to activate it?

FABRIQ utilizes a button to activate Amazon's Alexa voice service. Just Tap and Ask!


Do you have to have alexa for this to work?

FABRIQ is a standalone Alexa device so you will not need an Echo, Dot, or Tap. Just need to sign in with your Amazon account and you're ready to use it!


Can I set up Fabriq in stereo sound?

FABRIQ supports both stereo and mono playback. Choose whatever best suits your home!

Can the Fabriq "pair" with another Fabriq for multi room sound?

Various FABRIQ's can be paired together for multiroom sound with up to 10 speakers.


Does the speaker support Apple AirPlay?

Yes, FABRIQ supports Apple Airplay.



Is Fabriq listening to all of my conversations?

FABRIQ uses push to talk technology so it's not always listening to your conversations!